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The OEM Dilemma, pt 1

This week Tom and Matt once again attempt to discuss the dilemma regarding original equipment manufacturer parts vs. “aftermarket” parts.  They also took calls from listeners:

Cal wanted to know about how to insure a vehicle he owns that his son (who was recently married) will have at his new residence. We recommended adding the son’s wife to the dad’s insurance policy and changing the garaging address to the son’s address.

Don was confused by the advice given to Cal. To clarify – if the vehicle the son drives is titled & registered to the father, the father is responsible for the insurance. If the son is staying local (he is), the insurance company should have no problem rating the son & his wife as drivers on the parents policy using the son’s address for rating. If the son is out of state – there is a problem & we would suggest sitting down with a hometown insurance agent to discuss the implications.  Visit us at www.hollandshometownagency.com

You can listen to the podcast HERE

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