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Public Act 98 – Michigan’s “No Helmet” Law

As of 04/13/2012, motorcycle riders in the state of Michigan now have the choice to ride with or without a helmet thanks to the passing of Public Act 98. For over 30 years riders have had to wear a helmet & over that period of time a version of this law has been presented & vetoed again & again.

Michigan has become one of only 31 states that do not require a helmet when operating a motorcycle, but there are stipulations the must be met in order for a rider to ride helmetless:

1) Operator must be over the age of 21 years old (those under 21 are still required to wear a helmet)

2) Operator must have a cycle endorsement on their license for a period of no less than 2 years OR if less than 2 years, have passed an approved motorcycle safety course.

3) Operator must carry at least $20,000 in first-party medical coverage if riding alone. If riding with a passenger, the operator must carry at least $20,000 in first-party medical coverage for each passenger.

The term “first-party medical coverage” is a vague one and it is my understanding that MAIA (Michigan Association of Insurance Agents) is looking for clarification on this particular term. Why? The term COULD be interpreted in such a way that if the operator of a motorcycle has personal health insurance that will cover motorcycle accidents and the cap on that insurance is greater than $20,000 (most caps are between $1mil & $2mil), then they have coverage that meets the state law requirement. This DOES NOT, however, meet the requirement if they have¬†passengers.

We HIGHLY recommend those that ride motorcycles wear safety gear (including helmets) but if you choose not to, make sure that you purchase the additional medical coverage on your motorcycle insurance policy. Progressive Insurance currently offers a limit of $25,000 in medical coverage PER PERSON – which satisfies the law’s requirement for medical coverage.

If you are a motorcycle rider here in the state of Michigan, then give us a call for a quote! We can get you the coverage you need to ride helmetless, if you choose to do so!

1-800-968-1497 or visit us online at www.hollandshometownagency.com

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