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Need a Lyft?

Need a Lyft?

This week we talked about the different car programs that have come about to help the environment as well as put a little extra cash in a vehicle-owners wallet. We are linking these sites FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY AND DO NOT RECOMMEND THE USE OF THESE SITES!:

Uber – sign up on their website, download the app. Sign into the app when you’re available to drive, get paid.

Lyft – same concept as Uber, drive as much or as little as you want.

RelayRides – people pay you to use your car for few hours or a few days.

Getaround – same concept as RelayRides, you don’t drive – the customer does.

The waters haven’t totally been tested, but this most recent lawsuit has been settled by Uber after one of their “drivers” hit and killed a 6 year old. The driver was logged into the app but did not have passengers, initially the company claimed that the driver was not providing services at the time of the accident in order to distance themselves from the lawsuit. Lyft has had their share of incidents as well…

Keep in mind that many of these services say they include insurance coverage while using them. This coverage may or may not meet the state’s coverage requirements and of course there are exclusions and limitations. If you’re thinking your personal auto policy will cover the gaps that the service’s insurance leaves – think again. Most personal auto policies exclude coverage for “commercial” operations such as delivery, taxi, or rentals.

Live in Michigan and are in need of a hometown insurance agent? Call us at 800-968-1497!

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