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Pet Tips for Fall

Pet Tips for Fall

 With the changing of the leaves, the cooler weather, fall is a time to prepare for the upcoming winter season. One member of the family that seems to be neglected as far as preparations is your pet. Several websites have articles with tips on preparing your pet for the upcoming seasons.

  • Beware of ticks. Summer isn’t the only season to be concerned with ticks on yourself or your pet. It may be fun to crash through the fall leaf piles, but ticks could lurk within them. Make sure you are still using a tick repellent.
  • Watch your usage of pesticides and anti-freeze. Homeowners often use pesticides around their homes to prevent unwanted winter guests. Be sure to keep rodent & insect poison away from areas where your pet has access to, and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Anti-freeze has a sickly-sweet smell/taste that pets will be attracted to, be sure to clean up any spills when filling/topping off the anti-freeze in your vehicles.
  • Maintain your pet’s coat of fur. Many pets begin shedding in the fall to allow for their winter coat to come in. Brush your pet as often as possible and avoid cutting your pet’s coat too short.
  • Watch out for mushrooms and other fungi, pets often mistake the multi-colored plants for food and could end up very sick.
  • With the upcoming holidays, be aware of the treats associated with the seasons. Chocolate, grapes, raw bread dough, turkey/chicken bones, etc. are not good for animals to consume.
  • Be wary of the temperature both inside and outside, making sure your animal keeps warm but not too warm. Also make sure they have adequate food & water, water consumption doesn’t decrease due to the weather cooling off!

Check out the following articles for more tips on keeping your pet safe this fall/winter!:

PetHub’s 10 Fall Pet Safety Tips

ASPCA’s Autumn Safety Tips

Better Homes & Gardens Fall Pet-Care Tips

PetHealthCare Network’s Top Pet Health Tips


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