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Volcanic Eruption

Volcanic Eruption


All this month we are delving into the “home warranty” commercial that depicts someone asking their insurance agent if a broken central air unit was covered. The agent explains there is no coverage but that there is coverage for other calamities such as earthquake, volcano, & zombie apocalypse.

“But I don’t live near a volcano!” is what you might be saying. True that the majority of homeowners do not live near a volcano or areas of possible volcanic activity. As we have mentioned, most standard homeowners policies are that – standard – which means that certain perils or coverage may not apply to everyone.

As we learned last week, earth movement before/during/after a volcanic eruption is not covered automatically on a standard home policy but coverage can be added via endorsement. If can be covered via endorsement, then surely the volcanic eruption itself can be covered via endorsement – or can it? As a matter of fact, it is. “Fire or lightning” is covered, “explosion” is covered,  & “smoke” is covered except that which is the result of agricultural smudging or industrial operations. “Volcanic eruption” is indeed listed as a covered peril, other than loss caused by earthquake, land shock, or tremors (for which an endorsement can be purchased).

The Insurance Information Institute fleshes out a little more as to what you could expect from your insurance carrier as far as loss from volcanic eruption to your property, your automobile, & your business insurance.

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